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WEBINAR: Building Fact Fluency Through Mathematical Storytelling

Building Fact Fluency Through Mathematical Storytelling - An inside look at Building Fact Fluency with Multiplication and Division

with Graham Fletcher

When we ask students to memorize their facts, we are essentially asking them to memorize over 100 isolated equations. But, this approach doesn’t allow students to explore the relationships between numbers that are foundational to mathematics. In this free, interactive webinar, math specialist Graham Fletcher, author of the Building Fact Fluency Toolkit, will share strategies that will help students develop deeper conceptual understanding of multiplication and division factors.

Viewers will:

  • Explore how purposefully sequencing a series of tasks and activities through the same context can help students build an understanding that is scalable well beyond single digits.
  • Review how working through and circling back to foundational and derived multiplication and division factors will lead to proficiency and fluency.
  • Learn how this approach can engage and offer equity and access for different levels of students.
  • Preview the upcoming components and website for the new Building Fact Fluency: A Toolkit for Multiplication & Division