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Watch now! The Literacy Workshop Webinar

The Literacy Workshop: Where Interest, Individuality, and Inquiry Meet

with Maria Walther and Karen Biggs-Tucker

In this webinar we will consider the benefits of the literacy workshop approach. Maria and Karen will show you how the literacy workshop will expand the time you have to study students, focus on their assets, and support them as they engage in authentic literacy experiences and learner-driven inquiries.

Viewers will:

●  Understand the importance of identifying and developing students’ learning preferences in order to respond to each individual learner.

●  Discover how a literacy workshop model honors students’ unique learning styles and celebrates all the different ways people acquire knowledge.

●  See how learners blur the lines between reading and writing as they inquire and seek answers to their own questions.

●  Celebrate and reflect upon the many different ways students have learned this year and consider innovative avenues to offer them moving forward.

●  Consider how literacy workshop routines can transition into a new school year.