Patterns of Power Family of Resources



A flexible collection of resources that support an authentic, inquiry-based approach to grammar instruction that invites students to uncover and appreciate writing's beauty and meaning.

Grade-level Specific Grammar Resources

Classroom-ready resources for 10-minute, grade-level specific lessons for gradees 1–5.





Patterns of Power Plus
(Grades 1-5 available)




Patterns of Power Student Notebooks
(5- and 10-packs available)


Patterns of Power Top 10 Mentor Text Sets
(Grades 1-5 available)

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Patterns of Power Plus Anchor Text Collections
(Grades 1-5 available)


Patterns of Power en español Mentor Texts
(Grades 1-2 and 3-5 available)


Teacher Resource Books for Multi-Grade Lessons

Multi-grade lesson planning resources ideal for differentiating instruction.

Mentor Text Libraries

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