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Featured Books

Sustainable and Functional Foods from Plants

Sustainable and Functional Foods from Plants book cover

1st Edition

Structured into four main parts, this book navigates the intersection between food and functionality of plant-based products and provides insight into the nutritional composition of some key elements of plant-based diets. The book also introduces the most abundant adulteration practices and points out the analytical methods of quality monitoring, their current trends, and their potential future applications.

Effective School Librarianship

Effective School Librarianship book cover

1st Edition

These volumes provide a series of informative interviews with school/teacher librarians practicing in different parts of the world. The 2-volume set showcases the resilience, creativity, and best practices from successful school librarians from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and North and South America. The librarians interviewed come from all different schools and schools systems, from a tiny recently built school library in a rural village in Africa to an ultra-modern library in Sweden.