Training & Certification

We have a range of textbooks and reference books that have been written specifically to meet the needs of professional certification and have helped hundreds of thousands of practitioners achieve qualification and progress their career. Our emphasis on pedagogy, combined with imaginative design, provides those studying with the information they need to succeed, and guides them to further study and independent learning.

Our textbooks often come with additional teaching materials and are available to training organisations for review so they can be evaluated. Discounts are available when purchased in bulk in both digital and print format.  These books can also be customised, for example with your logo added to the cover or an introduction or foreword added. 

Take a look at our training resources in the following areas:

3 ways to support your training business

Increase brand awarenessIncrease brand awareness 

Customize an eBook or eChapter with an advert for your business to keep you top of mind after the training is over.  

More Flexible DeliveryMore Flexible Delivery 

Use eBooks and eChapters to supplement online and face-to face training and support different learning styles.

Embed LearningEmbed Learning 

Support pre and post-course learning with content that helps learners to deepen their understandingof a topic


Case Study

I provide consultancy services for high achieving businesses and sports individuals. I purchased a Taylor & Francis book which was the best I had ever read in this field. I approached Taylor & Francis to see if they could adapt the book specifically for my clients. Taylor & Francis created a custom edition with a new name, a redesigned jacket and integrated a new foreword, afterword, and inserted a new set of case studies that I authored. I had several thousand copies produced which I use to promote my services and support my consultancy work.