Building Fact Fluency: A Toolkit for Addition & Subtraction

by Graham Fletcher & Tracy Johnston Zager

Help students learn their math facts by developing deep, conceptual understanding and procedural fluency with Building Fact Fluency: A Toolkit for Addition & Subtraction by math specialist Graham Fletcher and math coach and editor Tracy Johnston Zager. This comprehensive toolkit provides everything a teacher needs to help students develop number sense on the way to fluency— from cards, games, and videos to online resources, a facilitator’s guide, and hundreds of highly engaging activities and tasks.



How It Works

Strategies and Contexts

The Building Fact Fluency toolkit is designed around multiple contextual themes that invite students to explore seven foundational and derived strategies. Each of the seven strategies is taught through three real-world contexts supported by a Lesson String of related activities, tasks, and games. Also available for Multiplication & Division.


How It Works-BuildingFactFluency


Lesson String (Overview and Samples)

A Lesson String is a cluster of related activities, tasks, and games for each context. Choose from one of the two Lesson Strings below to view sample lessons and tasks.

Companion Website Overview

Each toolkit includes access to a robust Companion Website that includes a variety of downloadable, printable, and projectable resources as well as built-in professional development including implementation support and on-demand professional learning videos.companion_website_A-S

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More Resources

State Standards Correlations

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